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Welding elements

welding elements

The manufacture of welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle has been one of our core areas of expertise for more than 35 years.
Welding screws in accordance with DIN 34817, Schmeck factory regulations and various automotive standards have been included in our product range for over 15 years. More ...

Welding equipment & accessories

Stud Welding Unit With Digital Display

We supply stud welding equipment and accessories for our welding studs for tip ignition.

Stud welding equipment for tip ignition offers maximum functionality thanks to modern microprocessor control and ease of use. More ...

Screws/cold-formed parts

screws/cold-formed parts

Our screw-and-washer and double screw-and-washer assemblies can have the following drive forms: cross recess, hexalobular, hexagon socket and hexagon. More ...

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