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Self-clinching studs

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Self-clinching studs are pressed into sheets upwards of a thickness of 0.5 mm. They usually have a thread. The stud is pushed into a free-flowing material in the area of the hole. The displaced material flows into a special undercut in the shaft area. Serration or knurling prevents distortion of the stud.

 The following dimensions can be produced:

  • M4/ Ø4 x 8 to 50 mm
  • M5/Ø5 x 8 to 60 mm
  • M6/Ø6 x 8 to 60 mm
  • M8/Ø8 x 15 to 75 mm
  • M10/Ø10 x 15 to 75 mm
  • M12/Ø12 x 15 to 75 mm


Advantages of self-clinching studs

These joining elements can be fitted using all parallel press-in processes. During the press-in process, the back of the sheet remains undamaged and no bulging occurs. They also have high push-out and pull-through torques. The hole does not require further processing such as deburring or countersinking. No rethreading is required either. This means low costs during installation. There are further advantages relating to installation: Press-fit studs can also be secured in coated surfaces, allow excellent positioning accuracy and can be at an exact right angle to the sheet.

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information about conventional materials

Conventional materials

Self-clinching studs are available in various materials:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Steel with finish to suit customer requirements  
  • Stainless steel (A2)