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Welding screws

Welding Screws With Long Welding Point

We have welding screws produced in accordance with DIN 34817, our in-house standards and numerous additional standards. Automotive standards such as GS 92022, MBN75 or MBN 75K and VW standards are routine for us.

We also produce welding screws according to drawings and take your special requirements into consideration.

All welding screws are 100% checked in-house for foreign and missing parts using camera systems. This ensures optimum reliability for quality products.

DIN 34817

welding screw DIN 34817

Welding screws and welding pins with elongated projection lug in strength category 8.8 and in stainless steel A2-50 are generally in stock here.

Welding screws and pins in strength category 8.8 are supplied stained and lightly oiled, i.e. without surface protection.

We can generally produce the following dimensions:

  • M5 x 10 to 35 mm
  • M6 x 10 to 40 mm
  • M8 x 12 to 45 mm
  • M10 x 20 to 50 mm
  • M12 on request
  • Ø6 x 10 to 40 mm
  • Ø8 x 12 to 45 mm
  • Ø10 x 15 to 50 mm

Other lengths on request.

Schmeck factory standard (SWN)

Our in-house standards, abbreviated to SWN and allocated a 4-digit number, are based on our many years of production experience.

weld screw stainless steel with circular projection

SWN 2501

This in-house standard describes one type from the group of circular projection welding screws. This screw has three circular projections arranged 120° below the head. 

Round lugs are ideal for welding with thin sheets.

SWN 2502 

This welding screw has three circular projections on the head.

SWN 2503 and 2504

SWN 2503 shows four circular projections each offset by 90° below the head, whereas they are on the head in SWN 2504.

welding screw SWN 2505
Schweißschraube der Schmeck Verbindungstechnik GmbH

SWN 2505

The annular projection is below the head.

If, after welding, gas and/or oil leak-tightness is required, annular projection welding screws are used. The annular projections can be produced below or on the head in line with various automotive standards and customer drawings.

We produce all SWN products in the following dimensions:

  • M4 x 8 to 40 mm
  • M5 x 10 to 50 mm
  • M6 x 10 to 60 mm
  • M8 x 15 to 70 mm
  • M10 x 15 to 70 mm
  • M12 x 15 to 50 mm


  • Various automotive standards:
    - MBN 75 K
    - BMW 11384.0 or GS 92022
    - MAN  M7.090.20
    - VW drawings
    - Porsche – PN 1216
    - Toyota, Peugeot/Citroen
  • Drawings
  • Various other company standards/customer requirements

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Sales of welding screws and welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle, as well as screw-and-washer assembles and other cold-formed parts
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