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Welding studs

Welding Stud With Tip

The arc stud welding process is, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14555, subdivided into three groups:

1. Tip ignition/capacitor discharge welding
2. Short cycle welding process
3. Drawn arc welding process

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  • Collar studs
  • Custom parts

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Friction welding studs

fricition welding studs

Friction welding is a simple joining process, which has been used in various production areas for over 30 years. It involves pressure welding, which is used for the fully mechanised joining of parts and is also ideal for automation.  

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Welding screws

welding screws

Welding screws and pins are introduced into the assembly using the resistance welding process. With professional processing, this product group achieves extremely high tear-off forces and fracture torques.

These welding elements are mainly distinguished by their different lug geometries and sizes.

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Laser welding studs

laser welding studs

Laser welding studs are a non-standardised in-house product. We developed them to meet customer requirements. Please ask us for advice.

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