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Stud Holders

Since 2012, we have been producing accessories for welding equipment in our Machining department. This includes the stud holders for tip ignition and drawn arc welding, as well as inert gas pipes, ceramic ring holders, feed tubes, etc.

Stud holders for tip ignition

We offer stud holders for hand welders and stud holders for automatic welding heads.

Stud holders for hand welders

We have a large number of stud holders in stock.
Thanks to our in-house production, we are able to respond flexibly and produce according to drawings. Contact us if you require custom sizes or lengths. 

We offer the following accessories for tip ignition:

  • Standard stud holder in copper (45 mm length)
  • Custom stud holder in brass or copper (up to 100 mm length)
  • Stud holder extension
  • Stud holder for earth tags and double earth tags
  • Stud holder for ISO pins

All listed stud holders can be used in our guns and in all other popular hand welding guns.

Contact our team if you have any queries. 


Stud holders for automatic welding heads

stud holders for automatic welding heads

Automatic stud holders for M3 to M8 are available from us as rounded and tapered versions. The tapered version is ideal for aluminium studs and the rounded version is suitable for all other materials. 

Stud holders for drawn arc welding

stud holders for drawn arc welding

These stud holders are also produced by us in-house.
We offer both standard stud holders for welding with a ceramic ring and stud holders for inert gas welding.

Other accessories for tip ignition and drawn arc welding

  • Angle bracket
  • Base
  • Centring tube
  • Ceramic ring holder
  • Base plates

Your contact

your sales contact Vanessa Schmeck

Vanessa Schmeck-Tolve

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Fax: +49-2351-67887-222

Sales of drawn arc studs, welding studs and welding equipment for tip ignition and accessories (e.g. stud holders)
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