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Hexagon screws

Hexagon Screws

We produce hexagon screws to DIN 933 or DIN EN ISO 4017 (current version 2015-05)
from M3 to M10. Custom dimensions can also be produced, e.g. non-standard spanner flat sizes. In terms of finishes, we are guided completely by the customer. Everything is possible. We also produce these screws with captive washer components as so-called screw-and-washer assemblies.

Minimum production batch upwards of 10,000 pieces


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Alexandra Pili

Tel.: +49 2351 67887-114
Fax: +49 2351 67887-222

Sales of welding screws and welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle, as well as screw-and-washer assembles and other cold-formed parts
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