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Collar studs

collar studs

We produce Schmeck collar studs for drawn arc and short cycle welding to order in addition to DIN EN ISO 13918 without aluminisation. 
Version and types of surface protection are produced according to customer specifications.

collar studs stainless steel

The following dimensions can generally be produced:

  • M5 x 15 to 40 mm
  • M6 x 15 to 40 mm
  • M8 x 20 to 60 mm
  • M10 x 20 to 60 mm

We produce collar studs from: 

  • Steel 4.8 and 8.8 to EN ISO 898 T1
  • Stainless steel A2-50 suitable for welding to EN ISO 3506-T1
  • Stainless steel A4-50 (1.4571)

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Alexandra Pili

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Sales of welding screws and welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle, as well as screw-and-washer assembles and other cold-formed parts
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