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Environmental policy

Environmental Policy

Schmeck Verbindungstechnik GmbH sees conservation of the environment and its available resources as the primary objective of environmental protection. We therefore undertake to continuously improve our environmental protection through strategic and short-term goals. 

We will achieve these, for example, by means of:

  • Regular monitoring and improvement of the environmental sustainability of our production processes, as well as auxiliary supplies and raw materials

  • Efficient and economical use of raw materials, water and energy

  • Consideration of environmental protection in relation to investment goods.

During the production of screws and cold-formed parts, emissions such as noise, vibrations and exhaust air are unavoidable. In order to minimise these pollutants, we have taken extensive precautions:

  • Acoustic booths to minimise noise
  • Extraction systems to minimise oil mist
  • and many more.

We are making environmental protection a management task. We therefore undertake to comply with all legal stipulations and official regulations. This is ensured through continuous updating of a schedule of legal provisions.
The means of communication with external parties is decided by company directors on an individual-case basis.

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