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Rivet technology

Riveting Stud

The rivet is a ductile joining element used for riveting flat material parts (e.g. metal sheets and plastic parts). Riveting ensures form-locked joining of multiple components.

Holes that are slightly larger in diameter than the rivet must be made in the components to be joined. The rivet is pushed through these components so that it protrudes upwards slightly. Then, for example, a hammer is used to shape the opposite side to form a head, which now securely joins the components.


Rivets are not standardised elements. We produce rivets upwards of a quantity of 10,000 pieces. If you provide us with your drawing, we will quote without obligation for your rivets.

The following dimensions can be produced:

  • M4/ Ø4 x 8 to 50 mm
  • M5/Ø5 x 8 to 60 mm
  • M6/Ø6 x 8 to 60 mm
  • M8/Ø8 x 15 to 75 mm
  • M10/Ø10 x 15 to 75 mm
  • M12/Ø12 x 15 to 75

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