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Hexagon socket screws

Hexagon Socket Screws

We offer hexagon socket screws to DIN 912 from M4 to M8 made of steel in all strength categories.

In terms of finishes, we are guided by you. We work together with local certified service providers, who apply any finish to our screws for you.

Of course, these screws are also produced with washer components, as so-called screw-and-washer assemblies.

Hexagon socket screws are also available with DUO drive, which means: with hexagon socket and hexagon simultaneously on one screw. This custom product is available upwards of a production batch of 10,000 pieces.  



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Sales of welding screws and welding studs for tip ignition and short cycle, as well as screw-and-washer assembles and other cold-formed parts
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