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Investment creates advantages on the customer side: There is so much potential in optoelectronic sorting machines


Lüdenscheid, August 07, 2018. Schmeck Verbindungstechnik is investing in a new opto-electronic sorting machine to meet the demand for 100% controlled goods, and thus has six sorting machines since June 2018. That the purchase of a complex machine pays off, the family business argues with the benefits that arise for the customers.

Claims are increasing - in several economic sectors

Automotive suppliers no longer belong to the customer group alone, who increasingly demand higher quality and want to speed up their production processes. "More and more customers are banking on fully automatic supplying," notes managing director Andrea Schmeck. "This means that our products are no longer manually welded by our customers, but completely mechanically by means of various welding machines." However, fully automatic supplying requires 100% controlled goods, as faulty or extraneous parts disturb the production process and lead to considerable time lost due to downtimes, by using opto-electronic sorting machines, the company is able to deliver flawless goods, even at high volumes.

Meeting customer requirements with flexibility

"One of our goals is to flexibly meet changing customer requirements and make this competence one of our unique selling points in the industry," emphasizes Holger Schmeck, Managing Director of the screw factory. To recognize the needs of customers and to meet them, the entrepreneur has the mission to be successful in the long term. "It is fundamental not to block the progress of our users, but to promote their further development. We want to be able to meet the highest quality requirements. "Each industry faces its challenges and has to deal with ever-increasing requirements. The company relies on a constant exchange with its customers to ensure production safety and promote production speed. Ultimately, the company needs to invest regularly in machinery and equipment to keep pace with progress and provide value to customers.