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As a career changer Dominik Scheffke tells us in an interview with our online editorial staff, how he came to change the industry, why he has applied with us and answers some personal questions.


You previously worked at a bank. What made you change your career?

I was at a point where I realized that I needed a new challenge. In the private sector, I have already made my own experiences with Facebook marketing and therefore wanted a job where I can bring these experiences and other, own ideas.


What made the company Schmeck Verbindungstechnik attractive as a new employer?

The first good impression I got from a colleague. The company has a good reputation and was willing to give me, as a career changer, the chance to use my skills and get involved. The beauty of having such a family business is that you can watch the company grow and contribute to it. In a service company, the performance is not tactile. In a production plant, at the end of the day, you can see how all the departments work together and what kind of product they produce.


In which area are you now active and what are your tasks?

Currently, I support Sales to get to know the products and workflows. My future responsibilities are corporate communication and work preparation. In other words, internally I am working on expanding occupational health management, accompanying and organizing employee interviews and updating the bulletin board with regard to internal reports and news. In the field of external communication, I maintain the website, our online shop and the Facebook presence. Among other things, I create events related, e.g. in the run-up to trade fairs, newsletters. In addition to communicative measures, I increasingly support production planning. Exactly this versatility of tasks makes this job so interesting for me. I can use my skills, get creative and actively participate in or organize relevant processes. That's how I imagined my new career path.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like the variety. On the one hand, I dive deep into the process organization, support the planning during the planning phase and then change the work area according to need and ensure a smooth flow of information. I can organize my tasks independently and flexibly.


What will be your next project?

In spring I got the taste to make my balcony furniture from euro pallets. Through magazines and the Internet, I have already received more inspiration, what I can produce from euro pallets. Soon there may be a new living room table.


If you could choose a country: In which one would you like to live?

New Zealand! 6 years ago I had a work and travel visa for New Zealand. Nature has really impressed me: Within a day, you can see glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and rushing rivers - see many animals that you have never seen before - last but not least one of the many beautiful beaches, going into the sea for swimming or surfing. I felt that things were much more relaxed there. Not as hectic as in Europe.

Nice that you like your new job. We'll keep our fingers crossed for your projects and thanks for the interview.