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Individuality and tradition


With various materials, dimensions, head geometries and drive types, we supply fastening components for screw, weld, self-clinching or rivet applications.

With more than 85 years of experience, we are a well-established company with a long tradition. As we carry out our own manufacturing, we can meet and guarantee the highest of requirements.

We have always produced our screws for a wide range of applications and technologies. We are continuously looking for and securing new opportunities and innovations to meet our customers' needs and fulfil market requirements.
Our manufacturing of special bespoke products is what sets us apart. All popular surface treatments are also available depending on the application requirements. We will find the ideal solution for specially requested properties.

You also benefit from our efficiency, experience and innovation.
We will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive consultation.

Technology and expertise - for high-performance, high-precision production

Maximum precision and efficiency are determining factors in the manufacture of our products. Precise production planning and management enable us to produce your joining elements in accordance with the high requirements of the application but still at a low cost.

A highly motivated team of employees in all production stages, as well as our continually expanded and updated machinery, form the basis for our efficiency.

You benefit from our specialist expertise and use of modern technologies – guaranteeing economical, fast and environmentally responsible production.

Our in-house toolmaking gives us the flexibility to respond to changes in requirements at short notice and safeguard production processes.

Short production times and our warehouse and shipping logistics ensure on-schedule delivery.

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